Jefferson State Bank San Antonio TX, Judge Kelly Cross, Bexar County Probate Court, Law Office of Chris Heinrichs
San Antonio Probate Court Judge Kelly Cross, Attorney Chris Heinrichs San Antonio TX, Jefferson Bank San Antonio TX

“Important facts about Attorney

Kelly Cross, Judge of Probate Court 1, Jefferson Bank, Attorney Chris Heinrichs and what happened in Probate Court 1”

Warning About Probate Court

& Jefferson Bank

Jefferson Bank, Kelly Cross and lawyer Chris Heinrichs regarding the case of Mr. Robert Litoff in San Antonio, Texas;

An account of significant sums of money LOST and an attempt to lock up a senior citizen...and MUCH MORE!

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Regarding Probate Court 1 and Judge Kelly Cross: I think that the problem is that the public is unaware that a judge can overrule a jury decision and a person can be made to pay the people who were trying to have that person institutionalized for the rest of his or her life the fees and expenses which were claimed by them even after they lost the case. So, Judge Spencer overruled the jury decision that I should not have to pay Heinrichs anything. And, Spencer’s decision was affirmed by Appeals Court judges, Chapa, Alvarez and Angelini. And, the Texas Supreme Court refused to hear my case. It should be illegal for a judge to make the decision which Judge Spencer made. Judges are just lawyers wearing black robes. I think that the problem is that it is a matter of lawyers taking care of lawyers. Perhaps, Spencer, Heinrichs and Cross have not broken the law as the laws are now written. But, to me, they are just criminals. And they all should be sitting in a prison right now. The current problem in our ‘legal’ system will only be corrected when the public demands it.”